GD Tattoo #53 Janis the Dancing Bear

J'Eva sent in two pictures of her two Dancing Bear tattoos. This Purple one with the Yellow Rose is named Janis. Thanks J'Eva!

The Tattoos were done at Soul Patch in the Haight - Ashbury area of San Francisco. Janis here was done by Jennifer.

Turn on Your Lovelight July 16, 1970 - Pigpen and Janis Joplin

"You know what this is about, dontcha? This is about gettin' it on!" ~Janis Joplin

(check out Jerry around 11- 13 min in. You wont be disappointed.)

Me and Bobby McGee 12/23/1970

Birdsong October 11, 1981 - Acoustic (great set from Melk Weg Club)

Man, I dig Janis. I've been hanging around Dino & Princess' Bootleg Tunz World lately, where I picked up some Janis live today.