Grateful Dead tattoo #123 Dancing Bears Chest Piece

Only the truly Deadicated will go so far as a full on chest piece.  Here's a proud Dancing Bears tattoo submitted by TJ from Canton, IL.

The work was done by Jason Falsetti.  Looks like Jason is with Tormented Tattoo, in Havana, IL.

Let's take a closer look...

 Now, tell me, who gets a chest sized dancing bear tattoo?  A guy who's been at it since, at least, the third grade... that's who. 

"Favorite dead tune (as of now): Reuben And Cherise (JGB) love the 93 versions with strong Melvin keys. Also have been jamming the professional shot version of How Sweet It Is A LOT lately. Favorite ACTUAL Dead tune is probably... High Time, Row Jimmy, or Terrapin. But I love them all. Favorite dead member is Brent Mydland, he has touched my heart many times, may he rest in peace."